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WCQ Headquarters

1000 Corporate Way
Fremont, California 94539
Phone: (510) 249-2160
Fax: (510) 249-2168
Email: Sales@WCQ.com

WCQ Singapore

115A Commonwealth Drive
Singapore 149596
Phone: +65 6271 0638
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WCQ Japan

Stork Tower 702B
2-15-1 Yayoi-cho
Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 231-0058
Phone: 81-45-315-4541
Fax: 81-45-315-4548

WCQ Taiwan

No. 4-2, Guangfu Rd.
Hukou Township
Hsinchu County
Taiwan 30351
Phone: 886-3-5973979







West Coast Quartz diversified into silicon growing many years ago, and upon a solid foundation of equipment, infrastructure, and experience, we have built a significant silicon raw materials business into WCQ Silicon Division. Our crystal growing personnel have a combined experience approaching 100 years producing wafer grade silicon ingots.


Low resistivity, high resistivity, and medium resistivity. P-type and N-type. 111 orientation and 100 orientation.


We grow single crystal in our CZ furnaces and poly crystal in our Bridgeman furnace. Customers rely on WCQ for state-of-the-art VLD very large diameter ingots that only few companies know how to grow.


Our silicon makes its way into wafer process chambers, onto tinted automobile windows, over flat panel displays, and into clean energy from photovoltaic panels.